Are DSLRs Cheap?

Photography can be a hobby or even a passion for many. One can be a natural or even acquire the talent required to click great photos. In addition to having the skills to click the perfect shots, one also needs the perfect backdrops, lighting and most importantly the camera.

Today, the camera technology has come a long way and progressed from the bulky equipment to small hand-held light devices that can be stuffed inside your pocket and now back to big ones. Today many prefer the DSLR cameras to the small, simple and compact pocket cameras.


Many are ready to go in for the bigger and more expensive DSLRs because they can produce the perfect shots. They can effectively reproduce the lighting, which is the main essence of any photo. If the lighting is bad or compromised, the photo loses its effect.

Though these cameras are bulky and heavy to be carried around in the case of an outdoor shoot or if one is going on a trip, they prefer to take it along because they can click pictures of the things and places around them and preserve them for great memories. The quality of the photos clicked is so good that one does not mind carrying more weight.

Your Budget

While selecting a DSLR camera, one need to factor in the purpose and uses they have for the camera, because there are a number of models and varieties to cater to different needs of the individuals. While considering all this, one needs to consider the cost too. These cameras are expensive and can cause a serious dent in your wallet. However, with the introduction of newer models, camera makers are coming up less expensive models to cater to more photography enthusiasts.

Shop around and you are sure to find budget DSLR cameras that can still click great photos and fulfill your photography needs.

Use Of Flashlight In Different Industries

One of the must use things at home is the Flashlight. Whatever may be the use one will definitely have a flashlight at home. There are always some dark corners in the house where light from our regular bulbs does not reach. There may also be the garden which may get a bit dark and sometimes if there are any pests that are hiding and damaging your garden, you would certainly need a flashlight to find it. The term ‘shooting in the dark’ was not created just as a joke; there are some situations where we really would end up searching in the dark. So, the flashlight is must at home.

Do you think that the above are the only purpose of using these lights? No, not at all. There are many uses of flashlight apart from using it at home. Some of them are

Underwater Research Industry: Diving is one place where people use it but in general people do not think about it. Divers and people who do underwater research need light at the bottom of the sea. As everybody knows, the sea will appear dark as one travel deep into the sea. So, a waterproof flashlight is must for them.

Archaeological Industry: Research about ancient items needs exploring in new ways. It may require digging the earth or walking through caves or even working inside pyramids. They cannot work or explore new things without enough light along their path. Such archaeologists have handheld lights and headlamps.

Mining Industry: Gold and diamond are two valuable pieces of jewelry. These precious items are obtained by a process called mining which involves digging the earth to find these resources. When such people work at great depths by digging the earth, they need light and the only possible way for light is by using one such flashlight.

In most cases above, people have flashlights attached to their headgears which make it both a safety item as well as necessary equipment.

Looking Back To The Beginning Of Radar Detectors

The game of cat and mouse between common man and law enforcement agencies started once radar guns were used to fine people for speeding. Dale Smith from Ohio was one such person and he felt that he was unfairly given a speeding ticket; he sued his electronics background and invented the Fuzzbuster in 1968.

The in the 1970s, Cincinnati Microwave Inc. produced a different version of the Fuzzbuster and claimed that this was even better. First came the tiny passport and then the Escort.

Later Jammers were also invented; these jammers could kill the waves and prevent any speed from getting reported back to the cops.

However, the use of these detectors and certainly the jammers are illegal in many countries and only in some places it is legal.  There is an argument that by using these detectors people slow down and then everyone behind also slows down leading to fewer accidents and better fuel usage. However, this falls flat with law enforcement.

To counter such radar detectors the radar detectors detector (RDD) was invented and is being used by cops in order to detect if a person has a radar detector in his vehicle. Thus the game of cat and mouse is now complete with each party trying to outwit the other. A device called as VG-2 Interceptor is the first known RDD and then further developments were done and more current RDD is the Spectre III.

If one is willing to take the risk and buy a radar detector it is better to read some of the radar detector reviews before buying them. They can also be compared and bought online. Some of the features to look out are reliability and accuracy, even if there is a false alarm it is ok but if some radar gun goes undetected then one could end up in a lot of trouble.

Happy speeding but stay safe and away from the cops.

Good Video Editing Laptop – Hard Drives

A desktop equipped with the best features to manage videos is an ideal way to edit your videos. Whether these are for release to the public (which means that the quality of your videos should be immaculate) or for personal use, having the best editing software and hardware on your computer will give you the best experience. However, it is not always that you are able to sit down at a station and use the computer you have so equipped. When you are on the move (which is often these days), it is best to carry a laptop with the features you need:

The most critical component for an editor is the storage. Many times, you are at a place where you are dumping footage onto your laptop and the least of your worries at any point should be whether you will have enough storage. You should pay attention to beef up your hard drive and not depend on external drives. Generally, there is a tendency to forget any additional components or accessories.

The general argument is that if your hard disk is too heavy or big, it affects the speed of the laptop. If you compare the cost or problem of carrying extra hardware around, the change in speed of the laptop is hardly noticeable. There are only benefits in adding weight to your internal hard drive, especially if you make it SSD or a Solid State Drive.

Some of the best laptops for video editing boast of a hard drive containing an SSD and a drive with 500GB or more for capacity. This allows you to dump material collected and edit the video without worries of having to carry external hard drives. While the hard drive is the most important aspect of a good laptop for video editing ignoring some other features may nullify its purpose. So, it is important to pay attention to other features as well.

Prediction Is Better Than Repair

For any industry to function seamlessly, what is important is that the equipment to be up and running in perfect form. Any unforeseen anomaly can cause a breakdown in the system and have many ill-effects like

  • Wastage of working time of the industry
  • Wastage of manpower
  • Expenses incurred in repair
  • Loss faced in case industry is unable to meet client demands because of breakdown
  • Potential loss due to damaged goods produced by faulty machinery
  • Environmental hazard
  • Threat to human life involved

How can one avoid such outcome?

Though regular maintenance of all the equipment seems like the most obvious option, it ends up becoming an expensive affair. Also, maintaining parts that are functioning well is also unnecessary.

Considering all the factors there is one simple solution. Predictive maintenance is an easy, cost-effective method of identifying the condition of all the parts and machinery and evaluating when these parts would require maintenance. Click here to find out more.

This saves efforts of unnecessary maintenance and also the expense that is incurred doing it.

Why do equipment require predictive maintenance?

Over time, equipment undergoes wear and tear due to many reasons may falter in their functioning. It could be due to mechanical failure, or even loose connections, equipment could be overheated or overcooled for long durations of time which may result in their damage. The machinery could also be overworked. Another factor that may cause damages is environmental factors like increased level of humidity, environmental corrosion, excessive dust or dirt in an environment that settles within equipment to cause damage. Also, proximity to the sea may also shorten the life of any equipment.

How can predictive maintenance be carried out?

Depending upon the industry and the types of equipment involved, there are various methods which can be used to evaluate the conditions of parts. Some of them are:

  • Thermal Imaging
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Analysis using sonic and ultrasonic wave
  • Oil Analysis
  • Emission Testing
  • Condition Monitoring and much

Pick The Right Monitor For Your Game

The passionate gamer needs a good monitor to be able to pull off a fantastic game. There is no point in playing a game if you cannot see the big picture on the screen. A good monitor is a difference between a good experience and a mind blowing one.

Listed below are some good monitors for gamers. These ones tick all the right boxes:

Asus ROG Swift PG279Q


  • Very fast refresh
  • Has G-Sync that eliminates and prevents screen tearing
  • It combines 1440p with 144Hz refresh rate


  • It is considered to be rather expensive
  • It will require a Nvidia graphics card to use the G-sync

This high-end gaming monitor offers more pixels than 1080p making the game look cool and cool at twenty-seven inches. It can be run with comfort at a 100% scaling.

Asus MG279Q


  • IPS – 144Hz, 2560 x 1440
  • The picture quality is very good
  • It is considered to be more economic as compared to other G-sync monitors


  • There is no mode that enables blur reduction
  • The adaptive refresh range in this system is only 35 – 90 Hz

The IPS screen ensures that the off-angles look great as well. With anti-gloss coating and a sturdy base, this makes for a very good choice. The thin bezel is an advantage for a 27-inch display that occupies a lot of space as such.

Asus VG248QE


  • It is extremely fast
  • It is economic in nature and has won the tag of being affordable


  • This monitor uses TN Panel

It is not easy to find a good monitor that does not cost you a bomb. There are compromises that have to be made sometimes. With the Asus VG248QE, a 23-inch monitor will be a very good catch.

The graphic card and a good monitor make for an excellent gaming experience. Get a good display monitor and it could last a better part of a decade.

Why To Buy Safe YouTube Views

Everyone wants to be popular and with social media it is not seen as too difficult. Just a video of someone singing a good song can go viral, it could be you as well. With social media everyone feels that they have a hidden talent that can make them popular in YouTube. There could also be a company that is coming up with a new product and would want to sell their product by way of having a YouTube video.

However, as one will realize soon that it is not very easy to get the views and likes. Even if the video or the product is too good, unless people know about it they may not see it and the more the video is watched, the more it gets popular and in turn gets more views, It is a vicious cycle and has to be triggered at first. How to get those first few thousand views is a real problem and once that is achieved, things just multiply from then on.

One way to do this is to buy YouTube views. There are many bots available that can just run by a program and make YouTube think that a thousand views had been done. However this only paves way for the video to be penalized by search engines and it is not safe, any further videos you post could also get negative ranking. Thus it is important to buy safe YouTube views.

There are companies that help you get the views and that too safely and there are some good sites as well that also give you tips on how to increase your views and likes. Marketing is key, just buying views only goes to an extent but marketing especially in social media is really what would help in making a video go viral. Having quality content also has its advantage.